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In summer time, the outside temperature is high, natural ventilation alone cannot cool the greenhouse. So applying effective forced ventilation system becomes necessary. Cooling pad and fan system is the most active, inexpensive and efficient way to cool and exchange the air into or out of the greenhouse.

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Working Theory

The cooling and fan system applies evaporation theory. When the pump pumps water to the cooling pad, the hot air outside is pumped by the fan and passes the cooling pad at the same time; the water vaporized from the wet curtain and cools down the temperature in the greenhouse.
The system consists of paper cooling pads, water circulation system and exhaust fan and aluminum framework. Can also connect with intelligent control or time sensor for easy operation. The water vaporizes from the pads and cools down the temperature in the greenhouse.
Considering the cooling effect and fan power, the working distance between the cooling pad and fan should not over 60m.

Working Theory


The system consists of paper cooling pads, back water system and exhaust fan. We will design according to your local climate and growing crop.

Cooling pad and exhaust fan system

Cooling pad

Thickness 100mm, 150mm, for options
Height1m, 1.5m, 2m or double layer
Length: customized according to your greenhouse size

Cooling pad

Exhaust fan

Trinog team will suggest the numbers of exhaust fan base on the greenhouse width, local temperature and growing requirements. And also with different fan size for options.

Exhaust fan

Back water system

The back water system is the main role to have this evaporation principle work.
It includes the aluminum framework for the water pads and necessary accessories for water circulation system, such as water pipes, filter, water pump, kinds of fittings for pipes etc.

Light trap for option
Due to the special demand of cannabis growing period, it should create a 100% blackout environment. We can also offer the light tap for cooling pads and exhaust fans to prevent the sunlight from outside.

Light trap for option

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