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The system originate from Holland, is an advanced irrigation way from bottom water supply for potted plant nutrient solution culture and container seedling, also one of the most cognitive hydroponic system. It bases on the gap principle to realize watering and fertilizing regularly.  Many experimental study in local and abroad show that the growth of crop is significantly better than artificial irrigation way if using Ebb &flow system. Not only can reduce the gangrene ruffled and buckling leaves, also can save 33% water.

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Ebb&Flow growing bench include seedling trays, roller bearing, frame, aluminum-frame, hand wheel, crosspiece and diagonal brace, etc. Seedbed is a compression molding which using a waterproof plastic material. When irrigating, the water or nutrient will fulfill the seedbed, and stay a certain time, the crop can absorb water from the bottom of the pot base on Capillary. Then drain away irrigation water, or recycle and reuse, or drain away to sewer line directly.

Ebb and flow Bench (7)


Standard height: 0.7--0.75m, (adjustable according to requirement)
Standard width : 1.7m(adjustable according to requirement)
Length : 20-30m, which can be customized according to the length of the greenhouse, but not recommended not to exceed 40m, otherwise it will affect the rolling.

Ebb and flow bench system layout

Operating Principle

The Ebb &Flow growing bench system is consist of nutrient solution system, operation control system, disinfection system and increasing oxygen device.
Nutrient solution system: Nutrient is from liquid storage tank pumps out, and fill to the seedbed. The seedbed is equipped with a built-in pipe, after irrigation, draining the water rapidly to ensure the roots of crops not soak in the water. It can also provide the fresh nutrient continuously, without precipitation, concentration controllable. The discharged nutrient is also easy to recycle and reuse.
Suitable for seeding, like vegetables on tomato, cucumber, lettuce, flowers on cyclamen, poinsettia, twelve, can reduce the growing cycles.

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Put the bottom opened cultivation container (engraftment basket) on the seedbed, the nutrient from the nutrient tank via circulating water pump to cultivation bed, cover 20-30mm depth, after 5-10mins, the nutrient by Capillary action can reach the surface of substrate in cultivation container, then outlet the nutrient, it can flow to nutrient pool, also reuse to water other seedbed.

In terms of irrigation:
Irrigation time: 5-10 minutes,
Depth of nutrient solution: 20-30mm
Nutrient solution stay time: 5-10 minutes,
Drainage time : 30-50 minutes, (the time is adjustable according to plant variety or its growth)


1.>90% the utilization of water and fertilizer ,greatly save water and fertilizer
2.Save labor and reduce cost, realize auto irrigate, even manually operated irrigation can irrigate a large area of seedbeds within half an hour, improve irrigation efficiency
3.Improve quality. Crops can be synchronously uniform water at the same time, good for accurate control and improve the quality.
4.Faster grow than traditional way, especially reduce the seedling period
5.Easy to control the relative humidity, the leaves can keep dry and lower the spread of leaf diseases.
6.The plant leaves will not be wet, allows the leaves to absorb more sunlight, produce more photosynthesis, benefit the roots to get more nutrients.
7.Prefer for crop seedlings, but also a good option for potted flowers, medicinal hemp and etc
8.Humanized operation. With the seedbed, the staff can work under the right height, don't need to bend on working, so as to reduce the back injury. In addition, due to channel dry, can reduce the slippery algae growth with less injury accident
9.Save water. Using the seedbed, all of the irrigation water can be collected and recycled, reduce the waste of water resources to a minimum, at the same time reduce the expensive cost of fertilizer use

Ebb and flow Bench
ebb and flow tray 1

Seedling tray

High impact plastic, UV and anti-Aging, resistance to common chemical In greenhouse food Grade ABS material, environmental protection material, each size :4440*1690*75mm。
Can use rock wool, trays for tomato, cucumber, green pepper, lettuce’s seedling

ebb and flow tray 2

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