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Trinog have successfully offered more than 50ha of flower greenhouse around the world. Due to the various growing methods, the solution will be different.

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Here is our turnkey solution

reenhouse: Consider mostly of flower will grow in soil or gutter, not need a heavy weight load, we would strong recommend our multispan film greenhouse. If for tropical area with low wind and no snow, our ES greenhouse must be priority. Of course, our Venlo and Triple A greenhouse are suitable for all plant. In Japan, we have completed a rose farm with hollow polycarbonate sheet greenhouse.

flower greenhouse

Climate control system

We can offer ventilation, cooling, sprinkle, shading, heating and etc for choose. Same point, choose the system which can fit for your local climate and your growing plan. One cannot fix for all

Climate control systems

If you have budget on growing solution, check out the steel gutter, grow pot, also a movable wire net bench, ebb and flow bench system can be combined for easy operation.

steel gutter system

Irrigation System

An auto irrigation with necessary units is required for planting. From our solution, we will offer the irrigation layout according to your grow plant. We will calculate the irrigation water volume, watering time and frequency for the whole project to make the irrigation pipe with fertilizer capacity. The completed irrigation part includes fertilizer, pumps, water silo, nutrient tanks, connection water pipes and etc.

Irrigation System

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