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The main purpose of fogging system is to cool down the temperature in greenhouse and increase the humidity as well. Trinog engineer team can make the layout on numbers of nozzles and machine power according to your project to maximize your crop growth. It works out perfect in Middle East, ChinaTibet, Africa area.

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Working Theory

The fogging system is going to increase the humidity of greenhouse and during this fogging procedure, much heat is absorbed to cool down the temperature. The process of fogging is that the filtered water pumped into the pipes by high pressure water pump and then through the metal nozzles, the water becomes very tiny fog particles with 3~30μm. It will spray in whole greenhouse and also to effect the surface of crop leaf and vine. The tiny fog will quickly be evaporated, won’t be big water bubbles.
Obviously, the fogging works well in dry area and season, especially for desert place. But to the hot humidity region will be limited.

High Pressure Fogging


1.Suitable for humidification and cooling down
2.Perfect for artificial landscaping, spray, seedling and also industrial needs.
3.Very tiny fog, less affect the plant growth
4.Easy operate and connect to your smart control system and devices
5.The fogging system includes the high pressure water pump, control carbonate, high pressure pipe, metal fogging nozzles with different size for options, etc.


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