How to correct storage your greenhouse materials after offloading

Greenhouse material checking (2)

Thank you for choosing Trinog Greenhouse as your greenhouse partner and we are honor to be with you. Here we would like to indicate some tips to storage your greenhouse goods, which can great help to protect the goods and also easy to pick up when needed.

1. Materials checking

The materials should be checked according to the material list provided by Trinog within one week after arrival. If damages or shortages are found, should notify Trinog in writing paper. More than one week uncounted, the quantity is counted as consistent with the list.

2. Materials storage

The following are the stacking requirements for materials at the site:

1. Should provide a site to stack the components. The terrain should be slightly higher with good drainage.
The ground should be hard and not easy to sink.
2. The site should be convenient for transportation and loading;
Scratch and collision should be avoided in the process of handling.
3. All steel materials must be padded up with timber and stacked neatly, covered with canvas when it rains to prevent from wetting.
All materials must not be placed directly on the ground.

Materials storage 1
Materials storage 2

4. Do not stack heavy stuff on materials to avoid crushing and deformation of materials.
5. Different materials must be classified and stacked according to the items and specifications, and the marks must be kept clear and completed.

Materials storage 3

6. Materials packed in cartons or wooden boxes, must be kept in warehouses or shed.
7. All structural adhesives, sealants and PVC glue must be stored in a dry place. Temperature should not exceed 30℃ for prolonged periods. Validity of glue is relatively short, should use during the validity period.

Materials storage 4

8. The components and materials that have been damaged or abandoned, should be stacked separately.
9. After the rain, should check the materials in time. If the materials are found to be damp or soaked in water, should ventilate and dry in time to prevent damage or rust. According to the local climate conditions, it is necessary to check whether the goods are damp or not from time to time.
10. Do not expose the materials to hazardous substances.
11. Arrange warehouse keeper to take care of materials to prevent loss, take record daily of materials picked and installed.

3. Special materials storage

Plastic products storage.
All the plastic products (include plastic film, shade net, PC board, PVC pipe, etc. ) must be stored horizontally in its original packaging, in a shaded, ventilated, dry and cool area, protected from directly sunlight and rain.
Ensure that the ambient temperature remains between 0–to-45 degrees Celsius, humidity level no exceeds 85%.

Electrical components
Observe the following storage guidelines for all electrical components, include motors, control panel, climate controller, fertilizer machine, fans, pumps, etc.

Store any electrical components in a dry, ventilated, shaded, cool and dust-free environment.

Do not expose the products to direct sunlight. Keep the various components in their original packaging for as long as possible.

Ensure that the ambient temperature remains between0-to-40 degrees Celsius.

Ensure that the humidity level never exceeds 85% and no condensation forms on the cabinet.

Do not expose the components to hazardous substances.

Tips: Install the electrical components in a space with an ambient temperature between 5 to 32 ℃ degrees Celsius.
Reach TRINOG TEAM if you have further assistance ( WhatsApp: +86 13313709970)

Conditions And Limitations

Products and Systems involved in a warranty claim shall be under proper storage, proper installation, maintenance and operation under competent supervision, according to the instructions provided by Trinog.

Malfunction or failure resulting from wrong materials storage, misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, accident or lack of proper installation or maintenance shall not be considered a defect under the Warranty.

Post time: May-09-2022