New product Launched -Grow Slab Base

TR Slab Base

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One piece base for even drainage into build-in gutter.
Costs much less than other plastic and metal gutters.
Airflow and oxygenation: open airflow underneath keeps roots off
the ground preventing contact with pathogens.

Grow slab long vine crop2022_A_02

TK Slab Base


The TK, with its unique and exclusive design, channels all drain water into a narrow gutter. Keeps ground free of water and fertilizer by collecting all drainage into an economical gutter. Avoids debris and algae buildup in gutter. Fruits and leaves don't fall into the gutter. Gutter stays clean.


Drainage under the slab under the gutter

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  1. Make a slope on the ground 
  2. The drainage pipe along slope ground to drain the water outside, it will keep greenhouse clean on the floor and keep good the humidity inside greenhouse accordingly.

Less CBM to Transport by LCL or full container

  • Due to Covid and world change, the shipping freight increase to a higher level which increase investing cost of farm expansion.
  • The slabs canbe stackable and packed as a pallet, it can save more CBM and load more quantity for one container and reduce the shipping freight accordingly.


Faster and easier to be installed
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Post time: Aug-16-2022