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Since Year 2004, we have developed the tree propagation greenhouse with its bench system to benefit our customers on easy operation and save cost. We have our own patents products especially for tree propagation farm. The tree could be mother tree or young plant, such as eucalyptus, citrus and etc. We have offered to Sappi, Salim group to assist their forest career.

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The greenhouse

The tree plant mostly happen in tropical area or with good temperature which is good for planting. In these area, we will have our ES film greenhouse, light tunnel greenhouse,with natural ventilation system on roof or side wall for options.

eucalyptus nursery greenhouse

Irrigation part

To the most nursery company, a stable movable irrigation would help a lot. According to the growing plan on its size, grow plants, we set the pipe length, numbers of sprayer nozzle, tank location and all necessary connection accessories our clients.

Irrigation boom

Greenhouse system

A young plant is really weak which should special care about the sunlight intensity, humidity inside greenhouse and also the ventilation. If with a strong light, the leaves could be easily burn. While, not enough sunlight could slow growth and moderate growth. All in all, proper designed system for a greenhouse and crop planting means a lot.
Inner shading screen, external shading screen, ventilation, high pressure fogging, cooing pad with fan for options.

inner shading

During the growth of young tree plants, it should move to other place for grow strong. In order to easy movement and operation, we have following system for options:
Movable tray carts system, also called semi-auto movable logistic system, extra strong to transfer the heavy tree tray and less damage the plants.(Trinog Patented item)

movable tray carts system

T-rail bench system, with its high land usage and durable, special design to fit the tray and plants.

T-rail bench system

Rolling bench system with wire net button for better water drainage

Rolling bench

The ebb and flow benching

ebb and flow benching

Machine can improve our work efficiency. We will also supply the mixing machine, seedling machine, grafting line, germination roof, manual cart, trolley or etc.

seedling equipment

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