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The greenhouse, which will store the sun’s energy and harness it to benefit your plants. But while, in hot summer or area, the air temperature inside greenhouse might be higher than outfield. How to cooling down with minimum energy consumption is the key, especial to the electric power scarce area.
The proper open vent system is the most effective way of air exchange to keep an optimal temperature, humidity and air quality for your greenhouse.

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Vent System Advantage

1. Natural wind drive, take advantage of temperature difference and wind action
2. Economical one, more economical than exhaust fans, semi-closed system.
3. Easy operation, multiple forms available In Trinog Greenhouse, various vent forms are available for you.

air flow in greenhouse

Roof vent

Because the hot air will be collected on greenhouse roof top, equip with roof opened window is up to 5 times more effective than side wall vent. From Trinog Greenhouse, you can choose double or single side roof vents with fixed model or closed model. The closed model is driven by Rack and Pinion system with electric motors, which can connect to intelligent controlled system.

roof vent

Roof roll-up vent

A roof roll-up vent only applies to the greenhouse roof which is covered by film. To some wind heavy and hot area, it won’t affect the structure strength. Also a roof film can be designed with totally open model. For easy operation, we use electric motor to drive.

roof roll up vent

Side wall vent

The side wall vent is just like the window for our house to flow the air from outside to inside then to outside. Due to different cover of greenhouse, we have different types of vents for options.
A rack and pinion driven system with electric motor is for a greenhouse wall which covers with glass or PC sheet. While to a film greenhouse, a roll-up type is enough, can be designed with manual or electric motor.
With the opened vent, especially for tropical area with high humidity, we will suggest to cover with insect net for insect prevention. Of course, whether to have a roof vent or side wall vent is a technology, our engineers will work with you to work out the most appropriate solution based on design calculation and rich experience.


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