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The vine crop is including tomato, cucumber, eggplant, melon and etc. In South-east Asia, melon planting is really popular.

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Here is our turnkey solution

Greenhouse: In our design, a vine crop planting greenhouse, we will consider the crop load with trellis system. So the greenhouse structure should be much stronger than a leaf vegetable planting. Our EU greenhouse, Venlo glass greenhouse and tripe A greenhouse is really strong enough to support the plant growing. Of course, we will also make the greenhouse direction according to your local climate and wind direction.

vegetable greenhouse

For best climate control, we also have kinds of climate control system for options, such as ventilation, cooling pad and fans, circulation fans, shading system, trellis system irrigation system with fertilizer and silo, Hortimax or Priva control system from Holland

climate control system

Except the soil growing, a system with coco peat/ Rock wool is popular for growers. In order to hold the substrate and better management, available with hanging gutter, PVC gutter, Dutch bucket, water collection gutter, grow bag system for options.

cultivation system

Irrigation System

An auto irrigation with necessary units is required for planting. From our solution, we will offer the irrigation layout according to your grow plant. We will calculate the irrigation water volume, watering time and frequency for the whole project to make the irrigation pipe with fertilizer capacity. The completed irrigation part includes fertilizer, pumps, water silo, nutrient tanks, connection water pipes and etc.

Irrigation Parts

Extra Service on farm management and growing training
Having farm with necessary equipment is the basic, while growing skill and farm management is also important. In Trinog, we also have our own agronomist team, who can assist you to work out the year growing plant with production yield. Also train your workers hand by hand to get the growing skills.

Vine crop

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